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What can I offer you?

I am a motivational and public speaker who specialises in after dinner and conference keynote presentations.

I also speak at many different schools and colleges as well as Universities, including Cambridge University. 

Each talk will be tailored for you using awe-inspiring imagery and footage from my expeditions. 

Please see my list of past clients and should you need any references, do not hesitate to get in touch and I will endeavour to get you a reference. 

So why are my presentations of relevance to you? 

I have found that my talks are in high demand across all fields of business and at all levels, from medical reps right up to the Board of Directors of Diageo Plc.  It’s a well known fact that business in this day and age constantly need to be able to adapt and change, especially now that BREXIT is less than 40 days away.

The themes of resilienceovercoming adversity and team work come out naturally in my talks and help audiences and business learn these tools and effectively implement them in their companies.

I speak of my experiences in life to motivate my audiences to work smarter and harder and focus on working effectively as a team and the importance of rapid effective decision-making.

How would I describe my delivery style as a presenter?

As stated by an audience member at a National Sales Meeting.

Company: Covidien.

“I met Rory at a National Sales Meeting where he presented as a motivational speaker.

He instantly commanded the room with his honesty, modesty and emotive story. The way in which he was able to engage and gauge the audience was compelling, endearing and highly addictive. Rory speaks in a way in which he makes you see and feel the memories and events through his eyes, he injects wit, humour and comedy to what is otherwise a tragic tale of loss and overcoming. He speaks of strength that is greater than physical strength and his mental determination and refusal to give up is inspiring and admirable. It is no mean feat to bring grown men to tears in a room full of colleagues and peers, yet that is exactly what he did. Rory’s message is simple, believe, achieve and succeed. “Can’t” is simply one letter too long.”


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I have spoken for:

Diageo london 2012 Johnnie Walker BNP Paribas Concur e-resourcing thesis management 3m 3m


"Rory is a truly inspirational speaker. His humility combined with passion and easy humour makes a huge impact."
Global Category Director - Whiskies, DIAGEO

"Rory spoke to our team of 8 reps and it's no overstatement that he brought some of the group to tears such was the emotion engendered in his talk."
Director, Vision Sports Publishing

"He is an inspiring speaker and I found his talk so interesting I am keen to book him for other events."
Non-executive Chairman, NoteMachine Group Holdings Limited

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